The Department of computer science was formed in 1986 (since 1 September 1986 was separated from Department of geometry and mathematics teaching methods vgpu). The first head and founder of she was associate Professor, candidate of physico-B. M. Dektyarev Israil, Munevich. First teachers: associate Professor, candidate of pedagogical Sciences I. I. Moskvitina, I. V. Nikolaev, associate Professor, senior lecturer Krupenin, D. N. and assistant Gizatullina L. E. In accordance with the decision of the Academic Council of Vladimir state University since October of 2012, the Department IWT was renamed into the Department "Informatics and information technologies in education".

 Since 2003 the Department was headed by Professor, academician of the International Academy of pedagogical Sciences of education (MAN IN) Medvedev Yury Alekseevich, whose arrival gave a new impetus in its development. Replaced obsolete computers: now have 4 computer labs (50 PC), purchased scanners, printers, multifunction printers, interactive boards, multimedia systems, opened email, there is Internet access. In each discipline organized and methodical support in the form of teaching AIDS: "Information and communication technologies in education" (with the stamp of UMO), "Information technologies in mathematics" (with the stamp of the Russian Ministry of education), "Information technologies in physics", "Word", "Excel", "File Manager Total Commander", "the Internet," "Legal Informatics" (information technology for lawyers), "Information and communication technologies in mathematics" (with the stamp of UMO), "Publishing system LATEX", "Musical Informatics" stamped UMO (information technology in music), "computer science" (with the stamp of UMO), "Programming in C++, Create electronic presentations", legal-reference system "ConsultantPlus", "learning distance learning system Moodle", "Hardware information technology", "Structure and algoritmi computer data processing", "Information technology in education", etc.

 PhD thesis defended associate Professor Naumov S. B., associate Professor Arapov I. A., associate Professor Shutov A.V., associate Professor Gordeeva I. A. Assistant D. A. Yakubovich studied at the correspondence post-graduate. The Department organized and successfully operates research and practice "Laboratory of information and communication technologies" (scientific Advisor Professor Yu. a. Medvedev).

The Department conducts training of teachers on the specialty "Informatics with the additional speciality of mathematics" ("THEM"). In 2010, it began training teachers on "Informatics" (abbreviated training program after College). 

 In recent years our students have successfully participated in Russian and International Internet-Olympiads: in the all-Russia Internet-Olympiad students for interdisciplinary the direction of the innovative nature of "information and communication technologies in complex technical systems" (2009), first place at the 2nd round of the Internet Olympiad 2010 (Central Federal district), the output of the 3 students in the final of the Internet-Olympiad in Informatics 2010 in the international Internet-Olympiad (finals in Ariel, Israel, 2010) – 2 silver medals (one for blitz and one for the championship), the international Internet-Olympiad (finals in the city of Ariel, Israel, 2011) – silver medal (for blitz). The team included 4 students (team captain Alexander Laptev, now a graduate student). The high quality of training of graduates say students won medals at an International Internet-Olympiads of recent years.



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