About the Department of Mathematics education and information technology

The Department implements educational programs for training bachelors in the direction of 050100-Pedagogical education in the following fields:" Mathematics and computer science"," Physics and mathematics"," computer Science and mathematics "and specialty" Mathematics "with an additional specialty"Computer science". 

To prepare bachelors direction 050100 Pedagogical education training profiles "mathematics and Informatics", "Informatics and mathematics" at the Department mA conducted the following disciplines: mathematical analysis, algebra, geometry, number Theory, mathematical logic, theory of functions of real and complex variables, differential equations; as well as courses of choice: algebraic codes and cryptosystems, arithmetic of quadratic forms, elements of game theory, elementary problems at maximum and minimum, actual problems of applied mathematics, modern means of evaluation of learning outcomes.

For all profiles of bachelors in the direction 050100 Pedagogical education Department mA provides teaching disciplines: mathematics, mathematics and computer science.

The following practices are planned to be carried out at the Department OF mA on the profile of training: educational practice (4 and 6 semesters), industrial (pedagogical) practice (8 and 9 semesters). Programs of practices approved by the UNIVERSITY and stored at the Department.

Base practices: MBOU SOSH № 7, № 9, № 2, № 15, № 39, № 19 the city of Vladimir.



Знание того, какими вещи должны быть, характеризует человека умного; знание того, каковы вещи на самом деле, характеризует человека опытного; знание же того, как их изменить к лучшему, характеризует человека гениального.

Дени Дидро (1713 - 1784)

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