Department of Social Pedagogics and Psychology

     Department of Social Pedagogics and Psychology was organized in 1993 on the base of Vladimir State Pedagogical University.

     The head of the department - PHD M.V. Danilova.

     The Department carries out training in the following spheres:

  • Psychological and Pedagogical Education (Bachelor), duration of training - 4 years;
  • Psychological and Pedagogical Education (Master), duration of training - 2 years,
  • Pedagogics and Psychology of Deviant Behaviour (Specialist), duration of training - 5 years.

     Among main subjects of professional training are the following: Psychology, Social Psychology, Pedagogics, Social Pedagogics, Social Politics, Social Work, Methodology of Pedagogical and Psychological Researches, Psychological Diagnostics and etc

     The main places of professional activity of graduates are:

  • educational institutions;
  • nstitutions of supplementary education;different enterprises (personal departments);
  • centers of help to families and children;
  • centers of help to women occurred in a difficult life situation;
  • children's homes;
  • centers of social and psychological help to youth;
  • shelters for under-age teenagers;
  • centers of temporary isolation for juvenile delinquents and etc.

     Nowadays the Department is a leading scientific organization in the field of Preventive Pedagogy.

     The main directions of the research theme "Prevention of social deviations of youth" are:

  1. sociocultural challenges of integration of youth to contemporary society caused by drugs, tobacco-smoking, neglect, informal youth gang associations, gambling, computer addiction, sects, migration situation;
  2. psychological and pedagogical prevention of social deviations of at-risk youth;
  3. specialist training in the field of prevention of social deviations of youth at-risk.

     The content of the work:

  1. publishing activities: monographs, scientific articles, methodic manuals and plans in training teachers for the work with at-risk youth;
  2. holding scientific conferences;
  3. juridical, pedagogical and psychological consulting; "round table" talks lectures and discussions at schools on the problems of social deviations, including drug and toxins addiction, gambling, computer addiction, neglectedness and homelessness;
  4. collaboration with specialists from different spheres;
  5. voluntary work of the students.

Tel.: +7 (4922) 33-86-67, +7 (4922) 33-78-81
Address: 11 Stroiteley Avenue, 600014 Vladimir, lecture rooms - 203, 204


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