Department of General and Theoretical Physics

At the Department of General and Theoretical Physics at the moment has 14 employees. Of these, 9 teachers: 2 Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, 3 candidate of physical and mathematical sciences, 2 candidate of pedagogical sciences, 2 senior teachers; as well as 5 employees OHR: 2 Head laboratories, 1 lead engineer, 1 head office and one engineer.


At the department implements educational programs for bachelors in the direction 050100 - Teacher education on profiles: "Physics and Mathematics", "Computer Science and Physics", "Informatics and Mathematics" and specialties, specialty "Informatics" with additional specialty "Physics". Furthermore discipline "Naturalistic worldview" is taught in all profiles direction 050100 - Teacher Education Pedagogical Institute, the Institute of Humanities, Institute of Physical Culture and Sport, the Institute of Arts and art education.


For the Bachelor direction 050100 Teacher education training profiles "Physics and Mathematics", "Computer Science and Physics" at the Department of OiTF conducted following subjects: Introduction to general physics, general and experimental physics, theoretical physics fundamentals, methods of teaching physics, elektroradiotehnika, astronomy, methods mathematical physics; as well as elective courses: the solution of physical problems of school, a workshop to address the physical problems of school, a workshop on experimental physics, modern means of evaluating learning outcomes, physical experiment at school, problems of modern physics.


For all profiles, training bachelors in 050100 Teacher Education Department OiTF provides teaching disciplines: natural science picture of the world, physics, technical and audiovisual training.


At the Department of OiTF according to specialization scheduled for the following practices: educational practice (4 and 6 semesters), manufacturing (teaching) practice (8 and 9 semesters). Program practices approved by the mind and are stored in the department.


Base practices: MBOU school № 2, №7, №8, №9, №15, № 16, № 26, № '19 Vladimir.


Department of General and Theoretical Physics was formed in 2010 after the merger of two departments: the Department of General Physics and methods of teaching physics and Department of Theoretical Physics. Therefore, the history of the current chair of the sum of the common history of the two departments.


In 1951, at the Vladimir State Pedagogical Institute was created Department of General Physics, headed Turilov GI - To. F-m. n., assistant professor.


Since 1958, the department was headed by IK Turishev - D. Ped. Sciences, Professor.


From 1970 to 2010, the department led Kurkutova EN d. f-m. n., Professor.


During this time, the creation of two large physics research laboratories for Ultrasound and X-ray diffraction analysis.


Department of Theoretical Physics SGMP formed in 1963. The first head of the department was prof. David I. Penner. The main topic of research in the department at the time was "Theory of oscillations". Opened a new type of oscillation, called "the argument."


Since 1986, the department was headed by Doctor of Physics and Mathematics Sciences, prof. Valery G. Rau - a member of the International Union of Crystallography. For more than twenty years the main directions of research works of the department are: fundamental crystallography, condensed matter physics and crystal chemistry. At the department has created a unique laboratory for modern science. Much attention was paid to the methods of higher education.


In 1968, at the Department of General Physics, Graduate School was opened in experimental physics. Its first graduates were: VG Rau, Rau TF, AV Goncharov Since then, the graduate thesis reserved 13: 3 of them doctoral (Potekhin Constantine Albertovich, Valery G. Rau, Andrey Maleev) and 10 PhD.


At present, the department is headed by Andrey Maleev, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences.


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