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    About the Department

    The Department of History of Russia was formed in 1984 due to the reorganization of the World History department.  The founder of the department and its oldest teacher was PhD History, Professor Dmitry I. Kopylov, who worked at the department from 1981 to 2009. Professor D. Kopylov wrote 103 works, among which: "Ermak" (Sverdlovsk, 1973) and the article "Siberia Manufacturing in the beginning of XVIII-XIX centuries" (1974). An expert on history of Vladimir region V.M. Maslov and a specialist on Russian history of the XIX century L.R. Gorlanov also should be mentioned as leading teachers.

             PhD History, Professor Elena Petrovicheva is the head of this Department since 2001. The department's lecturers teach basic compulsory courses on all periods of Russian history, as well as special elective courses in source studies of actual problems of Russian history, methodology, historiography. Currently, teachers of the department give lectures on 29 specialties of Vladimir State University, including two majors in the History Department of the Pedagogical Institute VlSU.




    Department of Russian History provides the following educational programs of specialties, undergraduate, graduate, full-time and part-time offices in PI VlSU towards 050100, 44.03.05, 44.03.01 - Pedagogical Education 
    Profiles Bachelor: 

    History. Social Studies. (Full-time) 
    History. Foreign language (English). (Full-time) 
    History. Jurisprudence. (Full-time) 
    History. (Correspondence) 
    Since 2016 the profile History. Philology. will be provided in the correspondence department. 
    Master Program: 
    44.04.01 - Pedagogical Education. The Master program "Actual problems of studying the World history" (internal, implemented since 2015).



    Люди не рождаются, а становятся теми, кто они есть.

    Гельвеций, Клод Адриан (1715 - 1771)

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