The Department of the German language

Room   № 413-b

Telephone number: (4922) 33-87-71

The Head of the Department: Candidate of Philology, Associate Professor  Tyapkina Tatyana Michailovna

The training scheme: 050100 “Teacher Training Education”


German is taught as a first foreign language at the German-English department of the faculty of foreign languages. The educators also deliver lectures on such theoretical courses as Linguistics and Country-specific studies.


Our graduates have an excellent command of German, read German fiction, newspapers and magazines in the original, and are able to lead everyday talks, as well as converse on social and political and specialist subjects.   The professors of the department provide  a high level of language and theoretical training which can be also achieved by the intensive “language immersion” into the German linguo-cultural sphere with the use of the Internet, modern multimedia means and methods of interactive education.


V.T. Malygin, Doctor of Philology, Professor, is in charge of the postgraduate course at the department majoring in Germanic languages.


The professors together with their students organize different kinds of extra-curricular activities in the foreign language: contests, conferences, performances, etc.


Since 1988 the department has been cooperating with the  Institute of Foreign Languages and Cross-Cultural Studies under the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg in  Germany. Every year our students have a three-week study course in Germany. The German students also come to Russia and study in Vladimir.The professors of these two universities have an opportunity to participate in the international exchange, conduct seminars and deliver lectures abroad.

Annually, the students of our department work in  Germany  and they are also being also employed as interpreters in the German delegations within the framework of various international projects.





Если педагогика хочет воспитывать человека во всех отношениях, то она должна прежде узнать его тоже во всех отношениях.

Константин Дмитриевич Ушинский, (1824 - 1871)

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